Cloud Backups and On-Line data access

Cloud backups





Cloud Backups and Cloud Data access…

  • Cloud data access enables you to run your computers without the expense of in-house servers, using a network of “cloud” servers on the Internet.
  • Our On-line and cloud backups include secure connections, compliant with HIPPA and SEC specs.
  • We help you by setting up your cloud backups and cloud data access. Once set up, we monitor them for you, taking the work and worry off your hands.
  • With cloud data access, you can reach that data from any location, giving you instant access to your information in and out of your office.

What can Computer Experts Inc do for You…

We provide the best and most reliable On-line and Cloud Backups available. You’ll LOVE our Cloud Services:

  1. We keep your files secure. Unlike other services that routinely unlock your files to parse them and save server space, we have you generate an encryption key that you keep. Unless you give us access, we can’t see your data—and neither can anyone else. That’s security!
  2. We specialize in business backups. Business backups have stricter requirements than other functions like storage. So we work every day to keep our backup services as easy, safe, reliable, and affordable as we can, with specific solutions for your servers and your desktop computers. That’s dedication!
  3. Signup is  easy.  Just call us, and we take care of everything for you, from setting up the backup, to monitoring,  reporting and recovering data.
  4. We set up the backup software on your system, we discuss with you want you need backed up, we discuss retention requirements and security, and set up the backup.
  5. Next, we monitor the backups regularly. We also do routine restore procedures so we know we can recover your data when you need it.
  6. Finally, we are there for you when disaster strikes. Just call us. We will help you restore your data. We want you to have peace of mind, and sleep at night, knowing we got you covered.

Computer Experts Inc Consulting Enterprise backup and on-line data solutions

  1. Backup for Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android
  2. Hybrid backups
  3. MS SQL Server backups
  4. MS Exchange Server backups
  5. Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox backups
  6. MS SharePoint Server backups
  7. Orable Server backups
  8. VMware backups
  9. Access your data from the Cloud
  10. Sync cloud and office data in real time

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